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Re:collies return the unexpected and other stories collies tales book 2. The Truth Behind Rescue Border Collies The Complete Guide to Border Collies.
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This should be it. Virginia the horse teaches Dinah her new girl owner how to ride. Ultimately, they win the open jumping event in a horse show. Virginia retires to have a foal. Dinah has a younger brother who wants to be Roy Rogers. Her father is allergic to horses. The illustrations are a cut above.

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As for Eric the Viking, these are details from the life of Leif Ericson. Steele , as Steele sometimes wrote about historical figures with exaggerated humor. V21 The book for younger children, Leif the Lucky , by Erick Berry, tells of his father, Erik, and his grandfather, Thorvald, both having been evicted from their countries because of arguments. They and Leif went from Greenland to Iceland. I'm saying that the wanted book may indeed be about Erik, even though Leif might be in it.

Harper, Found this while searching for something else. Here is a brief description: "The ambience of eleventh-century Scandinavian life is portrayed through the eyes of an adventurous youth who travels to Vinland with Leif Eriksson. Sounds like Sally to me. Would you have another copy available? Does she have a velvet purse? I don't have a copy of Sally Goes Shopping Alone right now, but I have a sequel called Sally Goes Travelling Alone , in which she refers constantly to her "little red purse. That could be her.

It's amazing the impact books have on us as children that stay with us and hold such tenderness in our hearts. TY so much.

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I'd like to get it. Just recieved Sally Goes Traveling Alone and am sorry to discover that it is not the book I am looking for, so Sally took an adventurous trip once again.

The book I remember had a sepia look to the art work in it and I think the hardcover had a kind of fabric texture to it and may have been brownish. The size may have been 6 x 8. This would have been in the late 50s that I had it as a child. The search continues. Simon Green, Blue Moon Rising , At the end they knock out his unpleasant brother and leave to find their own fortunes. This is more of a young adult book, but worth a mention. This site has a good summary.

Could be this novel. The unicorn is multicolored as the title suggests. The setting is futuristic fantasy. Protagonist is Piswyck and at some point mentions his family is named alphabetically and there is some prophecy about "when the alphabet runs out". The unicorn isn't named until the very end as Lifesaver after the candies.

Not a solution, but looking on Google, there are lots of mentions of Vansel as a surname, so it was probably a case of someone being given a surname as a first name, thus unlikely to be found in a book of baby names. According to the book, "Vencel" is an unusual Hungarian name meaning "wreath" or "garland. My first thought when I read this stumper was "how would one pronounce this name? This may seem too simple but could this be it?

I don't think the house is really Victorian but everything else matches. Victorian GingerBread House empty and abandoned-one morning feels sick pain in the boiler, etc gets up off foundation and goes to doctor Dr. Pim "tight squeeze" to get into office! Gets prescription at hardware store- mice gone- Gets New Family! This is a bit of a wild guess, but has the poster looked at the Maple Hill Farm books created by Martin and Alice Provensen?

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At least two of their books deal almost entirely with animals. I know the Provensens started illustrating books in the 40s, though I'm not sure of the copyright on the Maple Hill Farm books. V26 is NOT Provensen. I checked. V43 Go to this site for an excerpt of a book it may be. Christianna Brand, Nurse Matilda books. They are small-format books and she does wear black with jet beads. If you do a search for Nurse Matilda, you can see a photo of a boxed set of the books.

Patricia Cecil Hass, Swampfire , A Scholastic book about "three youngsters camping in the Great Dismal Swamp bite off more than they expect when they decide to catch the ghost horse running loose in the swamp. They meet a kid who actually lives in the swamp year round.

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One theme from the book that always stood out for me was the fact that each of them longed to be more like the other. Not sure if this fits well enough: this is a fantasy book and originally published earlier than the time period mentioned, but maybe it was reprinted then it was definitely reprinted The characters first meet the "flying crocodile" while on vacation, and later on I think they do end up living in houses in trees above the water, which might be swampy.

V Sure it wasn't a boy? A 19th-century story you can read online. I read the same story, but the protagonist was a boy!

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A young prince was an only child and utterly spoiled and selfish. His parents were unable to change his ways, so a magical person fairy godmother?

She transported the boy to a beautiful tower room where windows and mirrors were alternately placed on the walls. The room was filled with toys, books, cushions, plates of food, beverages, and a cage with a bird in it. The boy was so vain and self-absorbed that he spent every day admiring himself in the mirrors. He didn't notice that the windows were getting smaller and the mirrors larger until one day, he was completely sealed in darkness.

He was furious at first, then self-pitying, especially when he realized that the food and drink were no longer being renewed. His situation didn't change until he realized that the bird was trapped with him. He groped around in the dark until he found a small amount of drink, then decided to bear his thirst so that the bird might drink.

The windows opened a tiny bit. He found a bit of food that hadn't spoiled, and gave it to the bird. The windows opened a bit more. Then he decided that even if he couldn't be freed, the window opening was large enough to liberate the bird. The prince did this, and his unselfish act allowed him to escape his prison. He returned to his parents, forever a changed boy. My copy of this story was in a set of books with multiple volumes that included stories, crafts and games.

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Marilyn Sachs, Veronica Ganz , Marilyn Sachs, Veronica Ganz. This book was about a bully-ish girl always getting into scraps until she meets her match, Peter Wedemeyer, who outsmarts her. I wonder if the reader might be actually thinking of Marilyn Sach's Amy and Laura. Amy is blond, and Laura does battle with the bully Veronica Ganz during the course of the book. John D. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain. The narrator is the youngest of three brothers, and the books focus on his middle brother Tom, who is something of a juvenile con man.

The incident with the flush toilet is out of the first book The Great Brain and I'm pretty sure that ordering from the Sears catalog is mentioned in that book as well. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain series, - The Great Brain series , set in the fictional town of Audenville, Utah, is loosely based on the childhood experiences of the author. Mercer Mayer did the original illustrations. Tom Fitzgerald is the middle son in this family of three boys, and his clever plans to make money are frequently at the center of the adventures. Fitzgerald , The Great Brain, This has to be the one you're looking for.

In the first chapter of The Great Brain , titled "The Magic Water Closet," the boys'father who has a reputation for buying odd contraptions and inventions, most of which don't work installs the first flush toilet in town. Enterprising Tom, with the help of younger brother John J.

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This is the first in a series of eight books about the misadventures of Tom and J. Their family is Mormon, living in Utah in the late 's - early 's. Alexander Key , The Golden Enemy, Andre Norton , Iron Cage, Andre Norton. I think you're looking for one of Andre Norton's books A cutely illustrated book about a very nosy woman who always had her nose in other people's business. I remember one page where she was sticking her nose into someone's order at the market--it was live snails, and they crawled on her nose.

It was from the s or earlier at the latest. Pullman, Philip, The Ruby in the Smoke. This is a longshot, but could you be looking for The Ruby in the Smoke and the sequels by Philip Pullman? The girl's name is Sally, but she's independant. Her father is killed in the first book, but he's talked about enough that he could be remembered as a character.